freshlysunlit is:

the warmth of the morning sun on your face
that feeling when you knows its gonna be a good day
the taste of an orange straight from the tree
the sound of birds singing
the coziness of being wrapped in blankets on a cold day
the flavor of a coconut milk matcha latte
the view from the window seat on an airplane
the sensation of waking up in a new place
the feels when someone smiles at you
the smell of spring when everything starts blooming
the warmth of a hug from a dear friend
the peacefulness of an afternoon tea break
the wholesomeness of grandparents
the joy of cooking a yummy meal
the excitement of meeting someone new
the pleasantness of taking a stroll through nature

freshlysunlit is a musical project by andrew brand. created out of a desire to make music that’s good for you—like a green smoothie or a walk through nature—freshlysunlit exists to bring refreshment and good vibes to all who listen. ☀️🌼🍋💛


a part of the tuneboat family ⛵️